I love it when they 
say I'm too much.


“Angelica is
too ambitious.”

Too outspoken.
Too confident.
Too much.

They’re right.

But here’s the thing. When you start a national broadcasting career at 15 — without connections, clout or cash — ambition is what drives you.

When you become one of Glamour magazine’s 35 Under 35 Running Hollywood, that confidence keeps you going.

And when you finally hold that Emmy award in your hands, you know your too much is what made it possible.

The daughter of a Mexican immigrant, Angelica went from humble beginnings in Minnesota to a groundbreaking career in Hollywood. She knows what it’s like to be the only woman and only person of color in the room. Despite the obstacles and naysayers, she realized she could accomplish anything with hard work and unrelenting determination. 

She got her start at 15 as a national radio host. In 2005 she become a producer on the Emmy award-winning Tyra Banks Show. In 2010 she joined CBS to launch The Talk and became network television’s youngest Head of Daytime.

Angelica has been recognized with seven Imagen Awards for her work as a Latina in entertainment and founded Raise Women, a mentorship organization connecting ambitious women of color with female leaders.

The accomplishment Angelica is most proud of is her two daughters who inspire her mission to help other women get a seat at the table or create their own.

You’ve claimed your seat at the table, let's help them claim theirs.

Yes, women are underrepresented in the top jobs. But Angelica believes if you can see her, you can be her.

So she founded Raise Women and committed to matching 100k emerging professional WOC with successful female mentors, so in the years to come those mentees will rise to the top of the boardrooms creating substantial shifts in the business world.  

Let’s work together to fill writers’ rooms, boardrooms and C-Suites with an emboldened sisterhood who pays it forward.  You in?

"I love when they say I’m too much.

Because you don't get anywhere worth going by being  just enough of anything."

- Angelica Rosas McDaniel


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