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Boldly Rise

Media Executive. Speaker. Mentor.

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Angelica Rosas McDaniel is an Emmy award-winning TV executive & mentorship advocate who connects with ambitious women & organizations looking to engage talented diverse voices.


There are more male leaders named John in America than there are women in leadership roles.

Women make 53 to 79 cents on the dollar of what men earn. Only 8% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. Less than 3% of venture capital goes to female-owned businesses.  And, of course, there's that stat about John.

Organizations are making diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) a top priority, but at this rate we still won’t reach gender equity in the workplace until 2227. And it’s not just a question of hiring more diverse employees -- corporations need to nurture, retain and promote them.

Angelica is an Emmy-winning Latina media executive, founder of Raise Women, and former Head of Daytime at CBS the #1 rated TV network. The daughter of a Mexican immigrant who grew up in Minnesota without connections, clout or cash and relied on an unyielding work ethic to get a seat at the table in Hollywood.

She's navigated lack of representation and unconscious bias in the workplace and knows what it’s like to be the only woman and only person of color in the room.  Her experiences overcoming adversity led her to raise it forward as a mentorship and equity advocate with the insight to inspire a crowd from colleges to women's groups to C-Level Suites. 


The Podcast

A conversation series helping women translate their ambition into personal and professional results.


The Speaking

Empowering ambitious women to claim their seat at the table or create their own.


The Mentor

Connecting women of color with successful female leaders through mentorship.

The Podcast

Stories from successful WOC who have dared to play bigger.

This is a podcast for the firestarters. The fighters. The fierce.

In each episode, Angelica interviews influential women of color at the top of their game who share inspiring stories of achievement, failure, advice and takeaway for navigating a successful career and fulfilling life.

These are powerful interviews with incredible women. Successful women. Smart women. Women like you.

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Angelica is a force of nature. She brings incredible energy to everything she touches. She has a non-stop creative mind and is never afraid to think big."

—Nina Tassler, Co-founder Patma Productions & Former Chairwoman, CBS Entertainment

Angelica has always been in my corner and encouraged me to pursue my passion. She helped me leave a job with no upward trajectory and pointed me in a new direction. If it wasn’t for her inspiration and mentorship, my dream job would have just been a dream. Now, it’s a reality.”

—Diane Baek, Film Editor

Angelica shines a powerful light on others, which ignites their unique gifts and talents. She is a beacon of strength, intelligence and fairness; which allows her to be the type of leader & mentor that is powerfully changing the narrative for women."

—Andrea Quinn, Business and Life Coach

There are no limits to Angelica’s dexterity. With the breadth of knowledge and experience as an entertainment industry veteran coupled with the cognitive agility of a pragmatic logician. Angelica is the answer, not the question.”

—Fernando Garibay, Producer, Entrepreneur & Founder of the Garibay Center