Turn Your Big Dreams Into Big Results

You’ve got big dreams. Now what? 

I’m going to take a wild guess here. If you’re reading this letter, you have some level of ambition. You’re determined to succeed in business, relationships, parenthood, education — or all of the above. 

Did I get it right? 

You’ve probably been told all your life that you’ve got big dreams. And dreams are important. But maybe you’re not sure how to translate those big dreams into big results. 

This may be especially true if you don’t have connections, money, or a foot in the door. Oh, and have you ever heard that classic line “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Yeah, the problem with that is the people who give that kind of advice are usually the owners of the boot factories. 

Want to turn your ambitions into accomplishments? Here are 5 steps you can take today. 

  • Solidify your goals. When you get crystal clear and super specific about what you’re trying to achieve, it can help lift you up on those days where you start to wonder if all the hard work is really worth it.
  • Get to know yourself. Spend some time being honest with yourself about your own skills and areas of opportunity. Determine your values and the things that matter to you. 
  • Act “as if.” There’s a ton of research that suggests that when we envision ourselves already in a position we want to be in, we act like a person in that position. Think about the position you want to be in. How do people already there manage? Delegate? Communicate? 
  • Boost other women. At Raise Women, we firmly believe that when one woman rises, we all rise. #RaiseItForward and be that woman that uplifts other women; the one who says their names in rooms they aren’t in.
  • Apply to be a mentee. Our mission is to match 100,000 ambitious women of color in media and tech with successful female leaders, so in the years to come our mentees will rise to the top of the board rooms creating substantial shifts in the business world. Are you one of them? 

One of the most exciting things about being a woman on her first steps up the ladder of success is that it’s all right there in front of you. That’s not to say it’s easy. Sometimes it’s extraordinarily hard. But when you have ambition, you can’t just turn it off. So take this as your sign to keep going. With goals and guidance, you’re unstoppable!

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