Elevate Women

Elevate Women

There’s nothing more
powerful than a woman
who uses her voice.

Angelica Rosas McDaniel is an Emmy award-winning TV executive, speaker, mentorship & equity advocate who connects with ambitious women & organizations looking to engage talented diverse voices.

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Organizations with a diverse workforce are proven to perform better. Companies with female CEOs and CFOs see higher profits and stock returns. Yet there are more men named John in positions of leadership than there are women in leadership roles. And even fewer are women of color, so it's no surprise to learn 50% of multicultural women are considering leaving their jobs in the next two years.  Fifty percent!

  • More than 30% of the entire workforce is looking for a different job. 
  • 63% of companies say retaining employees is harder than hiring them.
  • US employers spend nearly $3 million a day looking for replacement workers. 
  • Millennial turnover alone costs US companies $30 billion annually.  

So, if you're a woman looking to climb a corporate ladder with broken rungs, how do you get ahead?  And if you're an organization looking to develop and promote marginalized voices, how do you ensure that your DEI efforts work long term?

Through stories from her personal and professional experiences, Angelica inspires women to get a seat at the table or create their own and helps organizations invest in female leaders to increase employee engagement and retention.  

Signature Speeches

Hollywood Executive and Raise Women Founder, Angelica Rosas McDaniel, has the experience and insight to inspire a crowd, from colleges to women's groups to C-Level Suites. Here are a few of her go-to speaking topics for keynotes, fireside chats, women's retreats, corporate conferences and panels to empower your audience.

Raise Women: How Companies Can Change Gender Inequity In the Workplace for Good

We’ve all heard the stats – women make 53 to 79 cents on the dollar of what men earn. Only 8% of Fortune 500 CEOs are women. And, there are more men named John in positions of leadership across America than there are women in leadership roles. 

Organizations around the world are making diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a top priority. But at this rate, we still won’t reach gender equity at work until 2227. And it’s not just a question of hiring more diverse employees -- corporations need to nurture, retain and promote them.

But, there’s a solution – one that YOU can take action on right now. Hollywood Executive and Raise Women Founder Angelica Rosas McDaniel argues that mentorship is the shortcut to gender equity. In this talk, she’ll debunk some of the biggest myths about mentorship and explain how your unique combination of professional, cultural, and personal wisdom can benefit others. You’ll leave ready to find your mentee and shift work culture for women – for good.

  • Discover HOW mentorship can accelerate racial & gender equity at work.

  • Identify your secret sauce as a mentor – the unique combination of professional, cultural, and personal wisdom that can benefit others.

  • Learn proven strategies to identify & start mentoring a woman in your life, TODAY!

Greenlight Your Life: Hollywood’s Proven Process for Achieving Your Biggest Dreams

Achieving your biggest dreams and goals starts with a reality check: Prince Charming isn’t coming to save you, “overnight success” isn’t a thing, and the person who cares most about your success is YOU

But that’s actually good news – because it means YOU’RE in control. You’re in the director’s chair, YOU call the shots. You can cast yourself in a better role. If you don’t like the ending, you can rewrite it. But how? 

Hollywood Executive Angelica Rosas McDaniel is the former head of Daytime Television at CBS, America's #1 network. Responsible for legacy shows watched by 34+ million viewers each week, she’s walked the red carpet and she’s won the Emmys. In this talk, she’ll take you behind-the-scenes of her career to teach you the five ready-to-implement action steps used to produce a movie or a TV show that YOU can use to produce your big dreams.

  • Learn 3 surprisingly common mindset mistakes that keep you from achieving your goals.

  • Discover Hollywood’s 5-part process for producing TV shows & movies that YOU can use to produce your dream life & career.

  • Get inspired by Angelica’s behind-the-scenes stories from 27 years in show business.

How to Succeed As A Woman At Work: Small Actions That Can Have Big Impact In Your Career

Women and WOC have to navigate lack of representation, double standards and unconscious bias every day. It’s made worse when you look around the office and don’t see other people who look like you. Women are half of the workforce, but only hold a third of upper management positions. Women don’t get the top jobs and they don’t get the top money either, leaving many feeling like they don’t belong or have to play it safe and hide their true selves to be successful.

As a Latina, Angelica Rosas McDaniel has experienced the double hit of sexism and racism in the workplace. She’s had bosses refer to Latinos as “gangbangers” and ask if her mom could be their nanny.   She shares personal stories from her award-winning, 27 year career in entertainment and offers ways to climb a corporate ladder with broken rungs.  

  • Learn how to find positive alternatives and disrupt systems built to hold you back.

  • Understand that feeling unsure doesn't make you an imposter.

  • Keep showing up as your authentic self - stop worrying about fitting IN and learn how to stand OUT!

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Speaking Testimonials


“Angelica is a force of nature.  She brings incredible energy to everything she touches. She has a non-stop creative mind and is never afraid to think big."
— Nina Tassler, Co-founder Patma Productions & Former Chairwoman, CBS Entertainment
"Angelica is a natural, dynamic speaker! We invited her as our keynote speaker at the Latinas in Tech conference to discuss her experience as a Latinx leader who has overcome adversity to succeed.  Her positive energy, relatable stories and willingness to offer feedback made her a standout at our conference. Her motivational style connected with attendees so much, we booked her for another event a few months later."
— Luke Mocke, CEO, Fairstream
“If I had to describe Angelica as a speaker, I would quote the great Russell Crowe in saying: "Are you not entertained?!" Her career in Hollywood is nothing short of fascinating. The show-biz stories made me pay attention, and then I walked away surprised by how much I learned about myself.”
— Helena Bowen, TED/TEDx Speechwriter 
“Angelica shines a powerful light on others, which ignites their unique gifts and talents. She is a beacon of strength, intelligence and fairness; which allows her to be the type of leader and mentor that is powerfully changing the narrative for women."
— Andrea Quinn, Founder, The Quinn Essentials Women's Empowerment Workshop
"Angelica Rosas McDaniel is exactly the kind of speaker you want on your stage or screen—warm, funny, present, alive, and passionate about her message. As a champion for women of color and a trailblazer in her industry, Angelica offers rare insights that will leave your audience feeling uplifted, inspired, and compelled to take action. She’s a total rockstar.”
— Ben Pelteson, Fearless Communicators
“Angelica is the best motivational prescription to help get you focused and excited about your potential. Her energy, charisma and powerful presentations make her unforgettable. She skillfully weaves her own challenging personal and professional experiences in her message, making her uniquely relatable to all audiences. She inspires us to be bold, to seize the moment and to never forget that we can achieve far more than what we dream.” 
— Ferrell Marshall, Award-winning Actor & Artist