Raise women

Raise women

Because when one
woman rises, we all rise.

Successful women claim their seat at the table. Bold women create seats for others too.

Angelica knows what it’s like to start a career without any ins or special treatment. She worked hard to get to where she is today and wants to make it easier for the next generation of professional women to do the same.

That's why she founded Raise Women, connecting ambitious women of color in media and tech with successful female mentors. As women, our biggest hurdle to professional success isn’t a glass ceiling; it’s a broken rung — that first step of being promoted from entry-level roles to managers.

Passing that first rung on the ladder happens less often and at a slower pace for women, which is a systemic barrier to entry we need to fix.

Raise Women encourages women to invest in themselves and in the sisterhood to help them climb that ladder (and all of its rungs) from day one and build the kind of world we want to be the leaders of - because when one woman rises, we all rise. 

If you’re with us, get in touch to become a mentor or mentee!

For women who are ready to make a difference.

Other women are not your competition. You know it, you’ve retweeted it, and you might even have it on a throw pillow.

Now it's time to start putting that into practice.

Use your knowledge and resources to become part of a systemic change. Help build a generation of female leaders of color by investing some of your hard-won experience into an emerging professional’s career that’s full of potential.

female mentees

For women looking to level up their careers.

Only 4 of the 41 female Fortune 500 CEOs are women of color.

Although it might seem that by aiming for the top you’re entering uncharted waters, our roster of talented and driven mentors are here to prove it can be done — and to help you do it, too.

Raise Women offers mentorship with a difference. And we make it simple and doable with one hour a month for a high-octane one-on-one with a successful woman who’s been there and will have your back.

Life's too short not to lift each other up.

Raise Women has a mission to match 100k ambitious women of color in media and tech with female mentors, so in the years to come our mentees will rise to the top of the boardrooms creating substantial shifts in the business world.

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