Meaningful Ways to Support Women That Go Beyond “You Go, Girl!”

Sisterhood is powerful. 

That phrase is more than just a slogan of the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s. It’s just as relevant today as a reminder that when women support other women, magic happens. Supporting other women not only makes you more likely to succeed, it also means you’re taking real steps to create a better world for everyone. 

Here are 7 ways you can support women today.

Support Organizations Doing the Work 

Interpret this as broadly as you like. While writing a check doesn’t solve all the problems of the world, sometimes support can look like writing a check. Spend a little time doing research to find organizations dedicated to the women’s issues you care most about, whether that’s access to capital, access to healthcare, or funding for women-led companies. Financial support is always welcome. 

Amplify Other Women 

Along the same lines as mentoring, you can signal boost other women. “Signal boosting,” is a way to pass the mic and uplift voices, issues, messages and important information. When you have access to leadership teams, conference lineups, and media sourcing, find ways to secure a spot on the stage for women. Women’s voices are so frequently excluded from public discussions and forums, that all-male panels have spawned the term “manels” If you have the opportunity to determine who will appear as a subject matter expert, actively seek out underrepresented voices. Women still don’t have the same control over and access to knowledge as men do. So when you have a chance to help other women be heard, take it! 

Hand Out Compliments Like Candy

Have you ever had a stranger give you an unexpected compliment? Even if it was something superficial like the color of your bag or your unique shoelaces, you probably had a little lighter step the rest of the day. Women are under immense pressure to meet all sorts of arbitrary standards for appearance, behavior, and demeanor. When you see someone who’s killing it, let her know. You will undoubtedly make her day. Giving a compliment may not feel as world-changing as running for office, but the cumulative effect of more of us feeling better about ourselves can’t be undervalued. 

Pay Full Price 

If a woman you know is in business for herself, don’t ask her to donate or discount her product or service. If she offers, great. As an entrepreneur she’s already facing the daunting odds of making a business succeed, along with the additional challenges of being a woman. If she’s a woman of color, it’s even more important to buy her handmade soap, recommend her coaching service, and attend her events. 

Lead By Example 

Hey, no pressure but the way you live your life can have a huge effect on other women’s lives. The saying that nobody is free til everybody’s free is one of the truest truths. And the reality is that the younger women in your life or at your job are watching you. And the way you speak up, the way you amplify others, and the way you show up for others can have a huge impact. 

Get Involved 

Although women make up 51% of the population of the United States, they make up 24% of the Senate, 27% of the House of Representatives, and 0% of Presidents. In order for the laws in this country to ensure liberty and justice for all, the literal face of our elected officials has to change. If you’re inclined to run for office, DO IT. If you’re more of a background type, your work is also essential.  

Consider Mentoring 

A young woman with big dreams is a force to be reckoned with. But too often young women, especially young women of color, struggle to get a foot in the door/seat at the table/leg up/choose your favorite analogy. Mentoring can change that. Visit to learn how easy it is to get a mentor or be a mentor and start raising it forward today! 

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