Is it Possible to be Nonjudgmental of Others?

how to not be judgemental

Every day we make judgments about others. It’s human nature to make snap decisions. It’s the way our brains are wired so we can function without spending too much time or energy processing everything we encounter.  As a result, we pass judgment on people as soon as we see them. Those pre-conceptions are usually informed by unconscious bias or affinities towards things like clothing, posture, facial expressions, etc. without even knowing the person. 

While it might be in our nature to be judgmental, it can also lead to division and missed opportunities. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to avoid perpetuating the cycle of judgment. 

How to Become Nonjudgemental

If you want to be a nonjudgemental person, then you need to shift your view of the world. Changing your view starts with becoming more observant of how you look at others. If you find yourself negatively judging someone, stop and let those thoughts go.

You are going to have to practice the skill of observing yourself and listening to your thoughts. But once you become more self-aware of the practice, you can more easily stop the behavior.  

Another method developed to help people stop judging others is called the DUAL method:

Don’t pass judgment

Understand the person

Accept a person for who they are

Love (or at least like) the person no matter who they are

Understanding your judgment means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. When you can understand that piece, you’ll find it is easy to let go of your judgment, and just accept others as they are.  

Acceptance will follow your newfound understanding. You’ll begin accepting people without trying to change them. 

When you’ve learned to accept someone for who they are, you can find love or at least a liking for them. Liking and loving others is much easier than hate or resentment and you’ll find it takes a lot less energy. You will also find liking someone or loving them will in turn make you a happier person.

How to be Nonjudgmental

Challenge yourself to find the glass half full perspective, aka the positive, in every situation. Once you practice being kind towards others and yourself, you will see how you start to think differently:

  • Rather than saying ‘I have wasted my time,’ flip the narrative to ‘I am thankful for the time I still have.’
  • Instead of thinking you failed, use experiences that didn’t work out as learning opportunities to find things that do work for you.

Improving your outlook and observing why others are different from you will put you on the path of being nonjudgmental and able to find more happiness within your world.

How to Be Nonjudgmental in Business 

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