Finding Your Superpower

what is your superpower

Quick: what’s your superpower?

Ok, it’s confession time.  We hope this is a safe space where we can reveal we’re not an expert on superheroes. That’s right: we don’t even have a favorite universe. We know there are some heroes, some villains and…that’s about it.

But one thing we do know is that although Wonder Woman and Catwoman are both complete badasses, they don’t share the exact same skillset. They each have powers that make them invaluable to the Marvel Universe. (Or is it DC? You get the idea.) And both of them have a very clear understanding of their superpowers and how to use them. 

Do you know what your superpower is? 🤔

Are you clear on what sets you apart from the competition? Because the truth is some of us struggle to define our strengths. We get so caught up in what others expect of us, or in their idea of what success is, that it’s easy to lose sight of those things that we’re just very, very good at.  But it’s important. Because your special sauce is usually the thing that makes you invaluable. 

So how do you start? Grab your cape and follow us. 

  • Start with the basics. Among the various strengths you may have — putting together showstopping charcuterie boards, recommending the best apps, being 5 minutes early to everything, creating award-winning spreadsheets — what are the ones people always ask you about? What do your friends and family always tell you you’re the best at? Put simply, how do you amaze people?
  • Then ask yourself where and when you feel most confident. What are the kinds of projects, teams and environments where you feel, deep down in your soul, “I’ve GOT this”? Next time you have that feeling, take a minute and notice it. Because the things you enjoy are usually closely related to the things you’re good at and vice versa. When you feel competent and capable, it’s a good sign you’re tapping into your strengths.
  • Remember what helped you survive. You’ve probably overcome more than your fair share of adversity. And you’re still here today. You’re reading this right now because you made it. How? What reserves did you draw on to get you through your biggest challenges?
  • Finally, explore some tools. There are so many different kinds of strength-finding tools, from the Myers-Briggs to DISC to Enneagram. They can give you solid insights into your unique strengths and help you define what makes you, you.

True self-awareness helps frame your superpower and belief in yourself, which sets the stage for you to fearlessly create what’s next. And you don’t even need a skintight bodysuit. But hey, if you want one, we know you’ll rock it!

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