5 Things You Can Do to Recharge Right Now

how to recharge

Here’s something we know about smart, ambitious women like you. Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re enjoying your hard-won success, you are extremely good at taking care of business.  You pursue your goals and make it look effortless. You’re the one they count on to get it done. 

But if you’re like us, it may be a real struggle for you to take time to truly recharge. We’re not talking about face masks, rosé and reality TV. (Hey, those things are important, too!)  We’re talking about the blinking low-battery light in your soul.

It’s central to our mission at Raise Women to uplift professional women with big-A Ambition. We see you, because we are you. So we know there’s a good chance you need to hit the pause button and check in on yourself. We want to encourage you to make genuine self-care a top priority and we’ve got 5 proven strategies you can try today.


There’s a ton of research on the mental health benefits of journaling. It works for a bunch of good, solid, science-backed reasons. But the reason it’s one of our favorite ways to recharge is because it gives your thoughts a new place to live; a place outside of your head. When you’re juggling a million different things, you may feel like stopping to write down your thoughts and feelings will slow you down. Au contraire! It actually helps provide the clarity you need to keep going. 

Prioritize Sleep

Listen, Martha Stewart may be able to run her businesses on 3 hours of sleep and fumes but the rest of us need to get adequate sleep. Just like taking time to journal, making sleep a priority isn’t a waste of time; it’s an excellent way to make sure you have the focus you need to make the most of your time. 

Spend Time with Friends OR Spend Time Alone

Yes, both of these are vitally important to your success. But you have different needs at different times. If you feel like a few hours by yourself would help you find your center, make it happen. And if a night out with your besties and all-you-can-eat tacos sounds like heaven, send a group text right now! 

Eliminate, Automate, Delegate

Do you really need to be at that meeting? Is there a system you can set up to automate a mundane task? Can you get someone else to take care of a task you don’t love? Contrary to what we’ve all been told, you don’t have to do it all. When you can make space for yourself, everything feels a lot less frantic. 

Do nothing.

Calendars without any white space are a warning sign you’re heading for exhaustion. To recharge, put some “meetings” on your calendar — even if they’re just 15 minutes long — and do absolutely nothing. It won’t be easy at first. You’ll be thinking of all the things you could be getting done. But stick with it. Because doing nothing gets a bad rap — it can be key to protecting your peace!

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